Sunday, January 11, 2004

I've gotten my groove back!!!

It's been a while since i've been so pumped at training. i've met somebody that has further impressed me to continue improving myself. Sparred twice with a brown belter that has everything, same height, faster than me, has more reach than me, and he's younger. So much more potential, i'm jealous.

In the first match which was a tie, he was worned out by weight class (i'm 94 and he's 60+?), and i was keeping my distance with my kicks that weren't scoring but he was still blocking nonetheless. 2-all, i won because he jogai-ed (left the court). Ok difference of 1 foul. But the whole process, the idea that this person had the potential to be better, boiled my blood. Just when "Yame!" was called (stop the fight), he had fallen... with an open oppertunity to finish off. The at that instant i saw myself, in third person.

He will get better and so will I. I look forward to the next sparring meet.

Thought of the moment:
"It's been a damn long time since i blogged, Happy New Year you people"