Saturday, April 17, 2004

When you know things are not going your way....

Julian (10:16 AM) :
randalsage (10:16 AM) :
hey... aiyo.. my day is damn bad man..
randalsage (10:16 AM) :
first i woke up late..
randalsage (10:17 AM) :
2nd i had students that pissed me off..
randalsage (10:17 AM) :
then my car lights , i forgot to switch off.. so battery died..
randalsage (10:17 AM) :
lucky got somebody to kick start the car with jumper cables...
randalsage (10:18 AM) :
but.... on the way back from kapar, there were 3 tolls... my car died on each one... engine revs dropped too low..
Julian (10:19 AM) :
randalsage (10:19 AM) :
and now i'm damn stressed and it's only 10 in the morning.... the day can't get any worst....
Julian (10:19 AM) :
then how
Julian (10:19 AM) :
i bring you pc fair wan or not
randalsage (10:19 AM) :
i am not gonna use the kembara anymore...
randalsage (10:19 AM) :
dun wan..
randalsage (10:19 AM) :
nothing i haven't seen before..
randalsage (10:19 AM) :
i afraid something else bad will happen to me..

Thought of the moment:
"I think it's time to go back to sleep and pretend it never happened..... and later buy jumper cables"

Monday, April 05, 2004

Some of those days...

i gaze a round and all i see,
are computer parts and cds,
their reflective glare blinding me,

my view is blurred,
my brain feels burnt,
i think its time i leave...

Thought of the moment:
" My CPU fan is bitchload of a loud "

Sunday, April 04, 2004

?Why Free Software usability tends to suck??

I find this article very helpful and i sympathize with the dillemma. I'll swallow my hurtful words next time i start bitching about GUI interfaces.

Unfortunately there isn't much time for me to convert over from my Mandrake KDE over to Fedora's Gnome, because my darling of a laptop, has finally died.

Farewell my dear Presario 700. May you now join your others in the Compaq hell that you came from hopefully to be resurrected in a better, faster, less hotter, less heavy model.

On another note, if any of you dude out there have a functional laptop out there that you don't use anymore. How about passing one along this way?


"I suddenly feel a part of my soul is missing.."
The Lazerus Effect:
Volume 1 : The hardware

The Lazerus is a term which describes the raising of the dead. With the advent of faster games and steeper OS requirements, people have always had the notion that getting the latest OS with the latest hardware specs was the right or kiasu(chinese term for trying to be elite) thing to do. This of course is untrue from my point of view. My computers solely consists of hand-me-downs. To them, these machines are obsolete, "dead". These machines are still functioning and are performing well.

I'll approach this topic in clear steps from a bottom-up approach starting with the hardware. Make sure that each component of a system unit (the box). Use this term, yes it means the box, i hate it when people keeps on saying that their CPU's aren't working. At this point it would actually help to have spare components around or another computer around to verify your findings.

The mobo (motherboard) is the part of the "trinity" of main hardware that should work. The others are RAM and CPU. Usually it's hard to comeby with replacement components, depending on the age of the component.

Make sure that the power supply is working, then make sure that the PC speakers are plugged in to the mobo. If there are the signature beeps, those are actually good signs that your mobo is still functioning. Take note that if nothing happens and the power supply smells like burnt electronics (trust me you'll know it when you smell it) turn off the power.

Ample amount of RAM can compensate for the lack in processing power. Check that all the RAM slots are working. Then proceed with the PCI peripherals like sound cards and network cards.

Install the IDE devices and make sure that the data ribbons are properly connnected, otherwise your bios is not gonna see any devices. This is an issue with old hardware that don't have the data ribbons labelled.

Remember that your system may not be much and may feel dodgy considering that you got some parts for free or at dirt cheap prices. But the sum is greater than its parts. The end goal is a system that meets your computing requirements.

Next: OS choices, Windows or Linux?