Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Flew a Boeing 777 into the Petronas Towers

Arrived at work at 10.30am, did installation in MAS complex again.(been doing it for a month now) We went back to the simulator building to complete software installation for stan-alone pcs. Came across an isolated LAN for instrumentation for a Boeing 777, played with the training sims for about 2 hours, then when we were done we were given a test drive of MAS's Boeing 777 simulator(it costs RM40 mil) .

I managed to do a stall and flew through day, night and rainy weather, this is what i call ultimate force feedback... the machine is 3 storeys high. It sits on eight hydraulic pistons, hence the pitching and rolls.. and saw the twin towers... managed to get near it, but missed... circled around after 2 minutes.. and wham... shit i thought it was soo real that my heart stopped, now i know how the pilots felt on sept 11. My work started at 10.30 and ended at 2.30. Isn't this one of the best days of my life?

Thought of the day:
"You never know what can happen to you in a few hours"