Sunday, August 25, 2002

Off to CROWN

Yes i know that the title implied that i went there to gamble, but no i didn't. Sean went there to meet his friends Kenneth and Ee Ling. Meanwhile, me and colin were making use of the free games gives to us at Bar Code by some hot chick. (hey free games and a good oppertunity to please the eyes? Why not?)

After that, we proceeded to the movies to see Mr. Deeds. It was damn funny, i guess that is just the kind of show to just release. It was a bit unexpected unlike Adam Sandler's previous shows. It had many funny parts but also a strong story to go by. It was an all rounder, it could have been a guys-night-out movie or one that you would see with a chick.

Post movie was in the casino eating the 2 AUS fnc(Fish and Chips)

Thought of the moment:
"How nice would it be like to inherit 1 billion US dollars?"

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Work, work, work

Yeap uni is in full swing with assignments coming in and workload piling up. Ah isn't that just life? Still trying to be productive....


Thought of the moment:
"The price we have to pay for bandwidth"

Monday, August 12, 2002


I have just returned from a weekend of snow boarding, and yeah it is as cool. Shortly i'll pur up some pics from it. I spent the first day and a half learning 101 ways of falling badly, before actually getting the hang of it. Pity i had to leave so soon, but well realityhad to comeback somehow.

I am still trully tired and my body aches in so many places. Luckily nothing got broken, i kinda got scared my first i saw guys being brought down the hill on stretchers. Julian said "you would know it's me, just follow the trail of blood", hehe.

Well cheers mr. blog sorry for not writing in such a long time.

Thought of the day:
"Living in a winter wonderland"