Monday, March 25, 2002


23rd of March 2002
The moment i woke up i joined Heng Yu, Vinodh, Jack and Siong to Ikea. Well basically it's safe to say that Ikea is to furniture what McDonalds is to fast food. Everything that is sold is the same as what we have back in Malaysia. Had some Aus 1 hotdogs. Then managed to buy my ikea desklamp. Yes it's the exact same one that i have back in Malaysia, only silver (hehe it's right above my head now). Managed to find a bargain table for Jack, it was cheaper but the catch was that we had to take it apart and bring it home ourselves. Well managed to get a cab and Jack went with most of the goods. We arrived back an horu later by bus and train. I dumped my stuff back home and then took Julian's bike to join the guys for dinner.

Oh, i know how to cook fried rice!(thanks Siong and Jack) After dinner i managed to kick Heng Yu's ass in Fifa2002 8-6 (this was after 4 matches of being trashed 4-0)

Well that's all folks till next time. I might have lost alot of you guys because i have been lazy in updating my page. Sorry.

Thought of the day:
" Cooking can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be "

Monday, March 11, 2002

All Night Long

9th of March 2002

Managed to go to city to see the fireworks for the mumba festival. Ooh and the car show, alot of cars. I'll post some of the shot on my site.

10th of March 2002

Stayed in the whole day to do my laundry and then went to the city for clubbing at Metro. Saw quite a number of chicks and there was a fight involving some orientals and some ang mohs. Came back about 5. Then attended classes at 9.

Thought of the day:
" When will the fun stop? "

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Wassup ....

Hey people. I bet one of the reasons why people don't come to my site is because of my inconsistency. Well i would like to thanks all those that have supported my site so far because i reached the 1000 hit few months ago. Now i'm currently studying in Australia doing my 3rd year here. Well i just wanted to let you all know.

Thought of the day:
"Learning is not just studying"