Sunday, August 26, 2001

You know choon ling's blog really hit me, there are some people that are really so nice and helpful, and there are those who deserve to rot in hell.

My friend Thiru got involved in a hit and run and has a fractured heel, so for those that care, wish him well and wish the driver hell.

What is this this world coming to? Well the plus side of going through hell on earth is that we can't get any worst of right?

Thought of the day:
" Live today like tommorrow will be your last, and live it knowing that you''ll live forever "

(PS: another constant reminder of how mortal we all are.... sob..)

Thursday, August 23, 2001


I noticed that people can't really be honest with themselves, they tend to give themselves excuses to make them feel better. Like for colleagues of mine... who by the way takes less subjects than i do, excuses are such as.... too busy, another one is "wait i'll do it next week after my foosbal tournament", and another can't even make it too uni, great partners for a project that accounts for half of a subject huh?

I hate bullshit excuses, isn't honesty the best policy?

What else is going to come out? "Couldn't do work, i'm working on Windows 96", "Gold fish ate my work"? For god's sake please admit if you don't know how to do it, or you were to lazy, or you forgot.... And please anybody who hasn't seen me in uni for the week, please stand up.

Another... feeling stressed? i better lite a ciggy or play counter strike or play diablo or drink coffee ... i suppose there are less expensive/wasteful activities like sports, meditation or even sleep. Eventually it'll become a superficial security blanket, which wastes time and money which you have nothing to show for.

So i'm a hardass when it comes to group work, and i hate conversations where i hear people wishing they had done this and done that. And i definitely hate people coming up with excuses to smoke. It's detrimental to your cash flow and to your health and shortens your life span.

Thought of the day:
" Isn't it funny how we never look at ourselves when we complain about somebody else? "

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Is it Worth It?

It's a wonder why we bother so much about completing work and pushing ourselves until our health fails. Is getting work done worth sacrifising everythign else? It better freakin' be.....

Thought of the day:
" We humans are inefficient beings, we only can make use of less than 10% of the energy of the food that we consume, and we hardly do any work "

Sunday, August 19, 2001

Went for a grading this morning... my first grading where i examined my juniors. Then ate like a pig.(i know so well that i'm gonna feel it in a few days time). Tried to implement my freaking FFT coding for the whole day... i'm really getting pissed that none of my group members are actually making an effort to help me.

Oh i realised that the best rpg that you can play is life itself... without emersing yourself into a fantasy world full of chaos and uncertainties, you can have an enviroment just as complex to develope your own character.

Things like charisma, luck, strength and agility. All of these are attributes that are bettere off developed in real life rather than in a virtual world, at least the results shows. So get off the computers and level up (in real life). At the least, it's just as wasteful or time consuming as playing a game.

Thought of the day:
" Infinite loops sucks when you didn't save your code "

Friday, August 17, 2001

I am constantly surrounded with people that have a deep desire to communicate... all ways smsing each other, loved ones. Then when i think about it further... that is what the telecos want you to do. They try to supply a service to a market that has a demand for it and charge appropiately for it.

After taking telecommunications as a subject i can see how much there is to profit from it.... but come on... at least now i'm not an idiot... we pay good money to make use of the service.... alot of the current service providers don't get it... it's all about getting the market share... but that's how far it goes... they try to reduce the price to lure customers... but they don't improve on service quality.... what's the point of having a phone if all the lines are busy when you want to make a call? or if it is absolutely critical to reach somebody but jee... "the number is currently unavailable...".. man if the government didn't keep an eye on the market... foreigners would dominate...

From there... the extreme reduction of car import duties from 130 odd % to just about 30 + % would cause the local car manufacturers to shut down... they are not even trying to be competitive... a perdana V6 cost about 100k, a new corolla altis costs about 140k, and more than half of the price of the imported car goes to the government... if you half it.. who would buy the perdana? a kancil cost about 30 k, a kia sephia cost about 60 k? after the opening of the market? how much must perodua sell the car to remain competitive? oh i just found out that import duties grows exponentially for cars with bigger engine capacities..

well i have my eyes aimed at an evo7 or bm3 recon... wouldn't it be sweet then?("in a galaxy far far..... way far away")

Thought of the day:
"There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going"

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Ok had another bad day...almost

Previous day i had a note sticked to my car.... Don't park here... (witnessed by Weng Yung). And guess what this morning i was rushing over to fetch him and run some errands.. and lo... my car was tipping to one side and clearly seen was a big nail... those more than an inch ones....

Ok called my dad and he asked me to deal with it.... i had the wheel off when he came home... he gae me a lift to school...

anyway the rest is boring but the highlight was that istead of just preaching ... i tried what i said a few blogs ago and got to know this sweet gurl that i always see around.. i noticed because of her Angelina Jolie- like lips.. her name is Preema ...

Julian was there so he asked me about it... but he did hit a point.. because you said "hi" and no pickup line, you can never go wrong.

Thought of the day:
"You can see a culture by simply driving on their roads"

Sunday, August 12, 2001

woke up @ 7.30

Drank a cup of coffee

Went for training till 11.30

Then ate lunch @ 1.00

I slacked off for another few hours...

Went out with high school mates

Came back to watch sleepy hollow, then sex in the city and then 3rd rock.

Then suppose to study but i had to blog for a while...

I am the king of slack. Shit when you evaluate your achievements by the amount of work you do you, it can be depressing.

Thought of the day:
" Mind will be blunt if not continually sharpened "

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Are we all shy?

I have noticed that whenever i meet people or given the oppertunity to introduce myself, it's usually not the other that makes the initiative... but can you imagine what our world would be like if we didn't even try?

Taken from newsweek: There is this concept place where the men and women are seperated in to 2 different sections with a transparent glass to observe each other... they would then buys each otehr drinks and send messages such as phone no.s or other contacts through the waiters.

Ok this maybe extreme, but until we learn that we aren't going to get anything until we actually attempt it. We can just go on about dreaming about a coleague at work or that girl you always see hanging around college, or that cure guy with the buns. Until you try, you would be walking around in life with alot of "what if"s. Go out and meet people and have the guts to introduce yourself.

I just asked a girl what a good pickup line would be. She said just start with "hi" and if it's really cheesy she might actually laugh it up and actually give her name. But come on seriously, what have you got to lose? at least you would have a new friend, or an adrenaline rush for trying. You have nothing to lose.

So just start with the basics..... hi....

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Oh i almost forgot... i had to get this of my chest. Today i was insulted by a classmate, just to shout out to the world,

"I could have retaliated physically, or i could have embarrased this individual in a war of words that would tarnish the individual's image(i don't care about mine) but i held back because i know i am better than that"

Jack, you know what i mean.
Another week is almost through... still alive...

Lecturer accidentally used my groups lab report to erase the white board...

Dance class might be having practise on monday nights...

I have absolutely no idea on what to do this weekend besides karate..

Thoughts of the day:
"living life like a routine can be pretty boring"
Bad Day?

You know when you are in it for a hell of a day when you wake up to a cram in your calves... The hangover syndrome from waking up didn't fade away and then i realized i was sick big time... my stomach was just hurting throughout the day and i had a head ache and still do....

The usual thing for an engineering student is to watch in pride as your work is completed and it is handed up.. guess what, it was returned and i was sounded that i didn't type it and it was incomplete. Almost felt like taking off my lecturer's head... fortunately for me i held it all the way through the last lecture...

just ate fruits and barley for dinner and went to get a vcd to watch and now just finishing my ece2601 lab report...

Can my day get any more interesting?
(hope i lose whatever sickness i'm having now...)

Monday, August 06, 2001

another week and more pain.. yee ha... love life... today i ran about 5km under an hour.. so that's not bad... can't think of other things to get fit... would like get a nice body but i can't go without stuffing stuff in my face.. brain doesn't seem to work without food and i can't concentrate until i eat the nasi lemak at medan.

Some body help me... ok.. i'll try to reduce, and i better concentrate more at stretching ....

Thought of the day:
"the search for perfection is never ending"

Sunday, August 05, 2001

A very uneventful day... spent the first half trying to understand and programme a DFT code in matlab... wanted to cycle and had already made arrangements with Nicholas Chua, unfortunately i called it off because it was raining...

I went with my mom to visit my cousin, played with a rom that he downloaded... all arcade games can be download! and you don't need a p3 machine to play it...

now i'm currently trying to complete my electromagnetics assignment.. and hopefully the electronics & control lab report.

Thought of the day:
"Don't eat 2 durians unless you don't plan to meet anybody for a day"

Saturday, August 04, 2001

Long time no blog... i just can't find things worth saying... well today bought best of the best 1 and 2. Too much gore... it'll make me think how it feels like to be beaten to a pulp...

Learnt my 8th kata which should put me on the road for a 2nd Dan hopefully before i leave Malaysia. What else .. boring.. i was soo bored at home taht i called everybody i knew to see if anybody were free to go out, ended going to Atria alone to send my PS for repair. Looked around, ate onion rings and on the way back stopped for chendol, then before reaching home i got the 2 movies that i ordered. I'll be waiting for the Ultimate Fighting Championship cds that i've ordered... hopefully they would be available by next week.

Unfortunately i can't compete with my fellow blogger, they have such discipline to blog everyday and long blogs at that.... well as long as i'm happy.

Thought of the day:
"I can be better than what i am today"

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Ok.. i just came back from a few outings... saw trailer for Bloodsport 2: The last Kumite.. kumite by the way means battle.... saw lots of take downs kick boxing.. some even in gi's (you know uniforms like karate, judo and taekwondo)... and saw a training routine where there were a series of candles... he punched and kicked a few of the out... now i'm inspired...

I also had an intersting chat with Mr. Ong, my heat transfer lecturer. Mostly was about how us students are still doing the same bloody thing.. just regurgitate everythign we learn... whereas.. he derives everything out on the board... and about how we should learn just for the sake of learning to master something, not just to pass exams.. fine by me.. but waht does it all mean to a struggling student like me? .. work alot more harder...

Thought of the day:
"The harder the struggle the sweeter the fruits of success"