Tuesday, August 24, 2004

VALEN - VAriable LENgth packet switch simulator

After completing the purely fixed length section of the simulator, now i have to get it to work using a new simulation time.

Still stuck at getting the same results as the previous engine. Buffer seems to fill up very fast and doesn't seem to empty the buffer for other new incoming packets.

I have one more day to get this fixed. Need to get going towards the Void Filling as soon as possible. And need to get the other packet generation algorithms up and running.

It's been a long night. And i definitely have to shut down. Jen's bday is tomorrow so i'll be heading to bangsar at night. My work in the day time had better be justified.

Cheers y'all

Thought of the moment : " Yup i'm still the master at procrastination "

Friday, August 06, 2004

The things people do!!!
I volunteered quite a while a go to install my lecturer's research xeon machine with fedora. Now that another lecturer needs it for installing matlab. The IT staff took it for testing and found out somehow that it couldnt' be used for installations. So he decided to reformat and reinstall it with Red Hat 7.3!!!!!!
Anyways, the distrobution apparently doesn't support the onboard ethernet card. He could have gotten the drivers for it, but dell apparently says that they don't have support for Linux. Don't know whether dell have any linux support for their PCs. Anyways the IT dude wants to reinstall it again with Fedora. Luckily I've loaned the disc to somebody else(He's asking for it). Because i think it's his job to get it done. And nonsense such as the mirrors are not working are bullshit, he just doesn't realise that there's a 50 meg cap on http file transfer size. And don't get me started with the dell PCs with 640 x 480 resolution in my engineering lab. That's even more idiotic.
Thought of the moment:
"I lost my respect for the IT staff long time ago"