Sunday, July 29, 2001

woo hoo, ralph won followed by rubens... but i hafta say that i pity luciano burti, he crashed out 3 times in 2 days(not to mention almost killing himself and one of the orange drivers)... and team minardi, had engine barbeques, if not for the restart they wouldn't even be racing and so would mikey.. not that it made a difference, his gearbox failed anyway... montoya and rubbens were haunted by phantoms in their oil pumps... 30 second pit stops!!! it's like after 1 seconds they detached the pump and said"ayo nobody turned it on?", this race had so many casualties that i think i put it as no. 2 below monaco.

Montoya changed into casual wear after his machine failed and mikey was seen hobnobbing with the marshalls after his car failed.. for more than half an hour... i think.

Kinda fun seeing more than 20 million ringgit worth of racing equipment just reduced to less than scrap yard material at every crash. Just commenting.. a japan GT touring car gearbox cost like RM 500,000 + , how much for an F1 equiv. ? Carbon fibre chips anybody?

Ok, it is confirmed... nobody is interested in martial arts or they just don't read ad pin-ups all over the campus. I feel so pathetic. Even Choon Ling didn't make it. I just meditated for half an hour. Then did a few kicks and i did a review on all the katas(patterns) that i know. I didn't even see my master... he went to the sunway college lounge instead. Well, no more promoting the art anymore, i'll just improve myself. Will all my effort be worth it? We'll see.

Montoya and Ralph got pole position. I hope they whip ferrari's ass. What else to say... oh i think i found an inspiration.. let's see how long it lasts.. err.. saw planet of the apes... man they have pretty decent copies floating around in the pasar malams. Man it was cool, but the ending is a mind job. Ok this is not definitely worth seeing on a date, then again if there is nothing else. Where are all the good movies?

Comment for the day:
"Sex is overrated" (this is for jean)

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Ok, it's really getting busy... today i just attended my first serious dance class... gee, it seems more technical than normal. And tommorrow i'll be having my first official training in Monash University... those who are interested please come to the Monash student lounge at about 5 - 6.30. What else can i say.. i have a lot of work to do, and as usual i'll take my own bloody slow pace until i realize that i'm behind and i'll struggle to pass again... let's hope not... i've been scrapping through too many times already.

Choon Ling, try to make it to the training, Shendai Chee Hong and Shendai Zhairin might be coming as well as Kyushi Wong.

Thought of the day:
"Some people can make your day, even when they don't even know it"

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Ok i just put up the karate club posters all over the 2nd and third floor... hopefully somebody will come... so if you guys are free come on over to the Monash Student Lounge to get a good workout... don't worry it's still free...

Thought of the day:
"The best way to predict your future is to create it. "

Sunday, July 22, 2001

Hey people, who ever that actually reads what i write.. if there is any. Just uploaded some cool pictures, so if you guys are interested in chun chicks or cars click on the picture gallery button. Besides that.. i finally solved the stupud archiving problem... i just created another Blog.. should have done it earlier. Well hell begins tommorrow so incase i don't get to write as often as i should .. i just wanna say thanks for visiting... don't worry i'll still try to improve my site..

Thought of the day:
"If you already know the answer, don't ask the question"