Friday, December 28, 2001

Just another day

Well after my very differentday at work. I had to come back to something else. My mom was mugged just infront of my own house.I wonder whether i should go around stalking indians with pylon riders. Another reason for me to leave this country. Well i think i might have to accompany my mom to make her new ic. Then I got screwed by my dad about not informing him about not eating dinner.

Then i went to another depressing training filled with so many flaws that i was dissapointed with the performance of Adrian. I guess this is what happens if you don't go to learn how to teach. The lack of emphasis on the movements and stances would further dilute our standards. On thing i remember is that if teaching ewith a language barrier, the best way to illustrate would be by demonstrating. The higher skill levels should see the students trying to perfect their movements with more power and stance improvement.

Then after training, i saw a gurl smile to me on the way out, it was raining lightly so i tried to offer her a ride home. I have heard alot of failed attempts. Well anyway this gurl was from China and actually hoped, her name is Yishuang. Seeing that last time i was used to the 2-legged transprtation, i don't mind helping out even if it's a bit out of the way. Well it has left me with a feeling of selflessness (feels damn good) till today.

Thought for the moment:
" If each of us can be selfless more often then the world can be a truly happier place "

Thursday, December 27, 2001

New Division

I will try to fill in the mentioned topics later, closer towards the end of my working days here. This is because of the change in work environment might further change my view of working life.

As the title shows, i have been transferred to another division. This is the division that deals more with the more technical aspect of setting up networks and troubleshooting. My first day here has already sent me through the data center and already had me sort-of familiarised with the Cisco system.

Security was tight, it requires a magnetic tag with the proper user rights. Then in the inner room where we were to keep our shoes, a finger print scanner with a numeric pad. Entering would bring you into a glass room. The data farms on the left and the command consoles on the right. Somebody has to let you in from the inside. The command center is another thing altogether. One shows the cameras positioned all over the floor, the others were, logs of people entering and logs of access from the network and performance logs.

I know boriiiiing! But i'm sure not many people would be able to witness thing's like these. Karate tonight followed by a stop over at steph's place.

Thought of the day:
" Benkyo, benkyo, benkyo!!!!! " (study,study,study)

Monday, December 24, 2001

Dinner Galore

Friday attended a dinner at Steph's house, the attendees were me, Joanna, Ee Lynn, Regina, Choon Ling, and the guest of honour Maybelle who is back for the holidays.

Saturday, wanted to do my IC but when i went to the registra in the morn' there were soo many people that there wasn't even enough space to get out of the elevator. I gave up and attended the later mornign training at Kelana Jaya Secondary School. Then helped Melanie to order her computer with her dad then came home for lunch. Went for jap food with Jen and then saw a 4.00pm Lord of the Rings show.(It was damn good)

Sunday(my 20th birthday), karate training again at Bukit Bintang Boys school. Then hung at Jen's place, ate rojak and cendol. Then at 7.30 went for my family dinner. Attendees were my aunt, grandma, dad, mom, cousin(Peng Keong), his girldfriend and Jen Min. Then went to Sri Hartamas, Coffee Bean to have some drinks and cake(don't eat the banana surprise) and then to chili's(mamak).

Thought fo the day:
" Eat to live or live to eat? "

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Birthday Party

Monday night, attended a bbq with some uni mates, Jason jokingly said that it was for my birthday, i thought he was joking. Actually it was for Jason, myself, Yin Hao, and Hui Ling. The other attendees were Verina, Benjamin(Jason's Cousin), Pei Yin, Adeline, Leonard(host) and not forgetting Jennifer. Wow i can remember names. Well it's interesting to mix with different people. Jason, i can always depend on you for hamburgers and sausages.

This extra long weekend was greatly welcomed, well work again tomorrow. Flea's leaving on Thursday, i don't really bother with goodbyes, so said mine this evening already. The gang will be clubbing at Bali again. I don't like clubbing, i find the thought of blowing away hundreds of dollars on a few drinks just bloody stupid. Not only do you waste money, but also hearing as well as well as fill up your lungs with secondhand smoke.


Thought of the day:
" Do gurls always smell like heaven and guys smell like shit? "

Monday, December 10, 2001

Eyes Wide Shut

My eyes swelled up on thursday night's training. so much so that i had to retire because i couldn't see. Took friday off. The swell didn't go away yet but at least the pain and the itch wasn't there.. but man really looked like a chinese, you could only see the slits. Went for training on saturday morning and in the afternoon went to buy my laptop. I got myself a Compaq laptop Duron 950. Then later went for an exausting meeting with my masters and seniors, exposing my self to the clubs admin and politics.About this time was when all the swelling went away.

Today went for karate in the morning(sunday), forgot my top, that was embarrasing, bu tmy master asked meto train anyway. Note to self, put all relevant articles in ONE bag. I slept the afternoon away. Still waiting for something to happen.

So till the next blog.

Thought of the day:
" What do we all want? "

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Different World

Came back from Arshan's house, 1 wakeup call to get me evaluating myself again and life. His dad succumbed to liver cancer. Then another world emerged before me when comparing to Uni to work and to the elite with the ideas. All heading towards the same conclusion. To be a skilled worker and to be payed as much as possible for it.

One is superficial, with objectives and methods too theorethical for practical use. It's meant more too prepare the mind of the students for the demands of working life. The other is sitting in the knowledge goldmine and feeling miserable that npthing happening with the same boring and pathetic days where you count the minutes to the end of the days and dread every otehr moment when you return to the same routine.

And there is the last one which came to me as a surprise, from the most unlikely of sources. Seems like the past few weeks have thought me never t judge a book by it's cover. Now this is the world of optimists and oppertunists. If you hang around those that have it, it'll rub off onto you. I'm still stunned, trying to get this down for fear that if i sleep i might forget it. We never realise what we are really capable of doing until what we see what other people are doing.

Thought of the day:
" We fail when we don't even bother to try "

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Public Holiday

Despite my promise to myself to stay in more often and to catch up with my sleep, i again wasted another day outside. Well atleast i narrowed down my preferred choice of notebooks to either the Compaq Pressario 1700 or 700. Again i blew more money away at McD's and Coffee Bean. I had better avoid those establishments for the coming month.

Can you imagine that this is actually the first time that i had roamed around MidValley? Makes me wonder what else am i gonna miss when i leave for Australia. Anyway came back for dinner and then joined Jason, Verina, Jennifer, Ken Ming, Tirath and Eu Keong at McD's(yes twice in the same day!) and came back not very late.

I also found out that they were giving a free preview of AXN on Astro, so the bags under my eyes are because of the screening of "you're under arrest". Well today i just came back with Donny (a guy from CSA), did an installation(yes, finally!) and discovered the other side of KL which i swear, if you droped me there i wouldn't be able to find my way home.

Man i better think of a way to make my millions before i my brain goes dead with all this work.

Thought of the day:
" We can be somebody great, the only person stopping us is ourselves "