Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Wasabe Incident

wasabe wasabe oh what a wonderful taste,
it seems like a desert that may be sweet,
but what a suprise, (just look at you face)
"wah liao weh" you say, take less lar you teet....

Inspired by Julian Khoo
Oops I did it again

Well so much for the 35%, i think i have to double my efforts for the integral portion to make up for it. Reality that in 5 weeks time we the exams has finally sunk in. Let's see if i can still maintain the no-fail record. Just spent a bomb on 2 new books, one Ogata and another is Nillson, control theory and circuit theory respectively. I think the stress level has about peaked hopefully it'll mellow down from here. I'll try to manage my sleep better.

Oh i attended church here. Interesting is the word that i could use. Well i appreciated it, there's nothing better than a religous gathering that helps calm the nerves. I just checked out the religious centre for Thevada Buddhism, nope didn't see it, well i'll find it eventually.

Well time to hit the books.

Thought of the moment:
"There are alot of people that abus the use of "a while" and "soon" "

Friday, April 26, 2002

Weekend is here

Bombed out in a test earlier today. Then we got the whole weekend to study for a 35% exam on Monday. Just came back from marshall avenue. Fell in front of TV woke up about 1. I missed half of Blue Sub No. 6! Better make the best of this time for sleep.

Thought of the moment:
"I need to get more sleep"

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Anzac Day
I finally brought myself to go down to Clayton to buy some groceries and a printer. Not fun to carry stuff which are a quarter of my body weight. Plus i got of the buss 3 stops before the intended one. What a duffus. Anyway ECE3302 was almost a waste of time, except that the ending we actually learnt abit about setting up a PLC. Hung at marshalls for the night. Saw Samurai Jack and 3-4 episodes of Futurama. Now i'm tired and i'm waiting for my stupid laundry.

And today it's Anzac Day. It's something like our hari pahlawan back in Malaysia. Well that's as far as i know about it.

Thought of the moment:
"Have to learn to use more effective study time"

Sunday, April 21, 2002


Left for Coldstream abotu 7.40. Then played paintball the whole day. After the whole experience, i respect the work of the peace keepers, as well as any military related missions. It may seem fair for us to criticise the actions or rather the lack of them without us being in their place. I got to experience the simulations of such militatry confrontations.

Within the first minute of the first game, i was the first to get shot. And when you're in any invironment, there is nowhere safe because you can get hit anywhere. We were given protective headgear and we used plastic pellets filled with paint. The impact may only cause bruises if hit on the body but if hit on the head and hands can cause bleeding. Now if we were talking abot real life, any shot could spell the end of a life.

We sometimes take life for granted when we hear about the road death statistic, conflicts in other countries as well as murders. We just take it in and just accept them as a fact of life: shit happens. I just want people to just imagine how a death would be like, i assume it would be painful, and traumatic (like being shot in the face as well as the whole body simultaneosly in an oncoming attack). You'll feel pain, anger, confusion, and you see only the coloured blur (headshot) and you have to surrender and you have to leave the game. That's paintball, for real life there is no returning to the game.

I suppose death would be all that as well as all the other emotions that might occur at the very instance of death, it would be more than a 100 folds of that. Take that feeling (try to imagine it) and then multiply by every death statistics you see. I think we'll value more of our lives that way. Wouldn't want to take THAT for granted.

So when you think of paintball. Think of death, think of pain.

Thought of the moment:
"Assumptions are the mother of all fuckups"

Friday, April 19, 2002

Week in hell

Just got a shock today that we'll have to complete another assignment. So i'll put down what i have in stored:
Tuesday : Power Lab as well as a test for ECE3102
Wednesday: Mat3901 test in the morning followed by ECE3301(bloddy stupid motor)
Thursday: ECE 3602 and ECE3703 Lab(woops ANZAC day, woo hoo)
Friday: ECE3602 assignment submission, as well as a test for the same subject and a MAT3901 assignment submission on the same day

Following Monday: MAT3901 Test(35%)

Well enough about my wonderful work.

Today woke up earlier than my alarm clock, and continued to work on the ece3102 lab report, left for school after skipping 2 and a half lectures for Holmes, then maths. At 1 onwards till 4.30 I was with my lab partner Lee. We got all the necessary values and workings. Then i went home to eat my breakfast at 5! (indo mee) Then mucked around till dinner, didn't feel like following Sean, Jules and Sng to Crown so decided to stay in marshalls. Had the most disgusting canned flavouring (terriyaki) with noodles. Saw celebrity death match followed by Blue Submarine No.6 on cartoon network(hehe anime).

Soo tired. Gonna go to sleep now.

Tomorrow i'll be going of for the whole day to play paintball then it would conclude at marshalls for bbq.

Thought of the moment:

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Binh's a Bitch

There's nothing more anoying than a lecturer which suddenly requires new specs for lab reports just as they were being hand out. I mean i understand the need for us to produce high quality work, because IF we graduate, it would make sure that we are enginneers that are capable. Now i respect quality, but if it comes at a time when i have to worry and prepare for the next 5 labs for other subjects, as well as prepare for the upcoming 3 exams within the next 2 weeks, screw it. I'm already stressed up as it is. And i don't think my colleagues would argue my stand.

Well, i attended cultural night. I then fell asleep about 10.45 (on the floor) then woke up with a message from Wanz. Sean, Wanz and Julie boy went for a midnight supper at a chinese makan place. (gotta get myself some wheels) Had something resembling the wan tan mee from home, although had the class of preparation for such a joint, somehow was lacking in the taste department. I liked Sean's fried rice, now that is class. Wanz's fried mee with prawns was rather interesting, because of the huge prawns.

Thoughts of the moment:
"Day and night means nothing to an engineering student, only time does"

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Julian's Birthday

We had a blast in the roberts east common room. The liqour was more than adequate to get Julie boys drunk. Plus there were lots of laughs. And whoa the picture taking, can't wait for colin to get those up on his site. Julian apparently got the idea that he was either gonna be thrown into the pond or he was gonna get plasterred with eggs.

All in all it was good. And he kept hugging everybody several times. You gotta see it to believe it.

Thought of the day:
" another year goes by......"

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Come take the Comprehensive DDR Personality Test!

Created by ptocheia

I got this of Jean's site... i got it because i like ddr. Well at least it looks good.
Chiken.com (yummy)

Ok back at marshalls, frozen deboned chicken was thawed for half an hour in the microwave. Then it was left in bbq sauce for a while. Grilled for about 25 minutes with lots of pepper.

There were five guys so we decided to cook all of the hash browns. Jack proceeded with the asparagus soup(campbell). And here i am now after collecting my ECE3102 problem sheets from Siong... back at the halls... i know i should be starting on my work but i think i'll give my parents a call.

Yeah i'm trying to make up for the frequency of updates.

Thought for the moment:
"Having friends around makes hell lots of difference"

Reality Hits (like a brick in the face)

Well i barely survived the week with all the labs and all but then it comes to the weekends where we have to prep for the next weeks torture. I guess that's our lot in life. (qouted by c3p0)

Another week over and another weekend just trying to do work. Woke up late (hey it was well deserved) and attempted to do ECE3102 then i realised that my integration skills has gone down the drain. Couldn't stand being without food, so i cycled down to Marhall Av. for some food. Had some coffee then returned. Then proceeded to read through my dream cars in Sean's Motor magazine (hey it'll happen one day). Then again will attempt the problem sheets.

I guess i'll be doing the same thing for tonight 2. That's it for now. See ya people.

Thought of the day:
"Some things are better left unsaid"

Monday, April 08, 2002

Holidays are over

Well the holidays are over, and i have an assignment to hand up tomorrow. I'll just leave you guys with this hyperlink to visit the pics for the MUMSU easter camp which i just attended.Click Here.

Well that's all i'll give a better brief when i've completed most of my work.

Thoughts of the day:
"There should be more hours in a day"