Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Android on RMIT University (City Campus) to work

As you all may know, RMIT has no official support for Android devices on the network.

Btw I am using a Huawei Ideos X5 with Android 2.2 Installed. Even if you can get the Wifi going, because you don't have access to change the proxy configurations.

Step 1. Allow installation of non-Market applications

Click on "home" button, click on settings. Go to Applications and check the box for "Unknown sources"

Step 2. Get "z4root"

Find a PC and email the "z4root.1.3.0.apk" package to yourself. I used Gmail to retrieve and install the attachment from the phone.

This will use some bandwidth to download this using your mobile connection.

Step 3. Installing z4root

During installation you may be asked to set the USB to debugging mode.
This can be set @ Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging
Once the program is running, use either temporary or permanent rooting.

Step 4. Get ProxyDroid

Go to Android Marketplace and install ProxyDroid.

Step 5. Setting up wifi RMIT-WPA

Goto Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings, Check the Wi-fi box to "on" state,
Enter Wi-fi settings.

Press "RMIT-WPA", you should see Security type as 802.1x EAP.

Set EAP method as : TTLS

Phase 2 Authentication as : PAP

CA certificate : (unspecified)

User certificate: (unspecified)

Identity : #this is where you key in your rmit student or staff log on username

Anonymous identity : # leave it blank

Password : #key in your rmit staff or student password

Press Connect

Step 6 : Setting up ProxyDroid

In Profile 1:

Account Information
Port: 8080
Proxy Type: HTTP
Auto Connect: On

Account Authentication
Enable Authentication: On
User: # RMIT student or staff ID
Password # RMIT student or staff password
NTLM Authentication: Disabled
Domain: Not setup

Feature Settings
Global Proxy : On

Go back to the top of the screen.
Service Controller -> Proxy Switch : On

This should get you up and running on the RMIT Network

Now turn off your Mobile Data, and cruise on the RMIT's Internet.

It's a wonder that Android did not consider this as a product feature in the beginning.

Warning, I am not liable for any non-reversible changes. Z4root can provide temporary root and can un-root.

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William Foong Hoh Yun said...

The above mentioned steps are not valid anymore as the ITS department has changed their settings:

"Proxydroid" is no longer required for connecting to the network.